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selected work

warm up track of the performance "Radiant optimism"

"Lost Stories" piano works with electronics, for an bookproject "Männerleben" by Miriam Gudrun Sieber

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released February 24, 2018

Piano rec., Mixed and Mastered by Martyn Heyne

TRAP - piano techno

Cuts and Lines , electronic experimantal works of the years 2010-2012 now at bandcamp


New Album 'Branches of Sun’ , Aukai was born of composer/instrumentalist Markus Sieber’s desire to create music that could work in tandem with film, video, theatre and the visual arts. The compositions on the album also grew out of Sieber’s love affair with the ‘Ronroco’, a plucked string instrument from Argentina.

It was recorded with what Markus Sieber calls the Aukai Ensemble, including his wife, Angelika Baumbach (piano, harp), and brother, Alex Nickmann, a Berlin based composer for dance performances, on synth, piano, beats, vibraphone, Fender Rhodes and Mellotron. Also present are Anne Müller, a collaborator with Nils Frahm and Agnes Obel, on cello; Jamshied Sharifi ( Tony Award Winner 2018 - Best Orchestrations) – who’s worked with, among others, Laurie Anderson, Sting and Jacob Collier – on accordion, piano, synth, Prophet 5, Wurlitzer and tack piano; Bogdan Djukic, of award-winning Canadian folk act Beyond The Pale, on violin; and Spain’s Miguel Hiroshi on drums and percussion.

Markus Sieber: Ronrocco | Alex Nickmann : Synths, Beats , Vibraphone

'Branches of Sun’ Aukai buy @ bandcamp

released 09.march 2018

AUKAI "Cloudline" - Single Release

Markus Sieber: Ronrocco | Alex Nickmann : Synths, Beats, Fender Rhodes, Chimes


Swinging Sky | Ambient track- @bandcamp


Electro Pop Project "Isolierkopf" working title, first track "TIME" finished


`Flirren´ - Composition & Live Music for Dance Company RUBATO

Premiere 15. November 2017, 20:30 Uhr, Uferstudios_Berlin & 16.  - 18 November 20:30 Uhr, Sunday 19. November 17:00 Uhr. Review by Volkmar Draeger here


electronic music @ sound cloud

`Eadweard's Ear ´ - Muybridge extended - An interface for composer, dancer and musician

Berliner Editionen 1- 4

8. - 11. Februar 2017, 19.30h

Studio 14, Uferstudios Berlin

Artistic direction: Penelope Wehrli | composition: Gerriet K.Sharma | dance: Rubato

musician: Alejandra Cardenas (gui) , Stephanie Hupperich (bassoon), Alex Nickmann (percussion)

more info here




`Aukai´ - Official Release June 3, 2016 | Vinyl / CD |  an ambient cinematic project founded by his brother Markus Sieber.

Alex Nickmann is an active member of Aukai. " exquisitely delicate work..." The Independent

                                                            buy @ bandcamp


Remix EP - "FloresTronic" | Mirabai Ceiba 2015, iTunes


`Piece of something´, composition for a contemporary dance piece, choreography: Zufit Simon, Uferstudios Berlin 2014, icamp / Neues Theater München 2014


`THAT THING IN YOUR THROAT´, multi channel composition & live music, @ HAU 2 Berlin, ARS Electronica Linz / Tabakfabrik Linz, Staatstheater Braunschweig 2012 | performance/ direction: Damian Rebgetz | dramaturgy: Jessica Páez


`Under Construction´, composition for contemporary dance company of Kasan in Russia, produced by Goethe institute Moskau, Feb 2012,  choreography: Zufit Simon


`Relations´, composition for the ballett of Staatstheater Greifswald, choreography: Raffalla Galdi, Tanzzeit 2010


`Next Door´, composition for cat walk, Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week Berlin 08,

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