Alex Nickmann - Hørfelder


music | sound art | electronics


`Trans_Formationen´, a seven channel installation for transducer and loudspeaker, at the terrace of „Haus der Kulturen der Welt“ Berlin 2009, 20th anniversy celebration of HKW


Treibgut, Five-channel sound installation, using the reflecting quality of its vaulted ceiling, old morgue of Charity Berlin 2010


hoerfeld 1, five channel sound installation for a rotating cylinder and one chair (transducer). CTM Berlin 2010


Raum 314, installation for eight channels at the historic water reservoir in Prenzlauer Berg Berlin, Hörgalerie Singuhr Berlin 2008


Stadtraum, The installation describes acoustically a way. With puls signals, distance and space is auditivly generated that our visual sense vanishes. An sound installation for 29 loud speakers on the facades of 5-17 Crellestraße Berlin, CRELLEKLANG 2012

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